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News and Announcements

Hello everyone!

We have a plugin that moderates chat and recently it has been having some issues. It has been muting and banning people for saying a single phrase or command. If you have been affected by this dont worry, we are taking care of this issue and anyone who was muted/banned when they shouldnt, will have the punishment removed when fixed.

Continued forum posts regarding this do not help, as well as spamming us with private messages or Discord messages. If anything, that is counter-productive. We will have this fixed as soon as possible, and sorry for any troubles caused.

Edit: If you are still muted/banned, please comment on this post with your username.

Have a good day.

rjljdj54824 Rjljdj54824 28/09/2016 6:40pm new zealand time Tidus i think or a guy called hardes or something Reason Given for ban...
jasperpo360 my username is jasperpo360 ive been muted for about 3 days for thinking your aloud to sell held items
Lanksta11 i got banned for spamming and only said one sentence on the server that day during the spamming ban glitch please help I...

Hello, everyone! Due to recent events, I've decided to write this homepage thread to explain the various situations that have occurred recently and how it can affect you/how you can react to them!

  • Player Harassment

The server has many rules, one of which is our Golden Rule: Respect every player! Sometimes people don't follow this rule and unwanted situations can happen. Today we will be exploring "harassment". Harassment is considered as a continued and repetitive display of personally offensive actions towards you. Everyone has their own life and, because of that, some people want to know about others. If you see a player asking multiple personal questions such as age, country/city, name, amongst others you can imagine, please report them to an online staff member or, if none, at the "Player Reports" forum section. We do not control you so if you want to give the information do it, but remember this: you aren't obliged to, no matter what that person says. If someone does start harassing you just /ignore them and make a report. If you need further assistance or have any question regarding this, please contact a staff member.

  • Blissey Training

As a lot of you know, the pokémon known as Blissey is a great source of experience. This is due to the fact that experience gained is directly proportional to the pokémon's base HP stat. That being said, Blissey has the highest base HP stat, so it is the pokémon that gives the most experience. Following this, players level Blisseys to lvl100 to then sell training. Within 10 minutes a pokémon that was lvl1 could be lvl100. Asides from the normal technical issues such as move skipping, evolution skipping and EV ruining due to the gain of HP EVs, there are way worse consequences that people seem to neglect. If you Blissey train your pokémon, you can experience devolution (pokémon reverting to a past stage, or even an egg), loss of moves (the pokémon's move set might default to the first 4 moves it learns in its lifetime), and most important of all, the pokémon can disappear! You have been warned countless times about this. If you still choose to Blissey train, remember that the server does not take ANY responsibility for what might happen and any report will be immediately closed.

  • Abandoned/Unclaimed Structures

As you might have seen from a previous homepage thread, a rule amendment was proposed. This amendment puts forwards a motion that would mean that, if accepted, players would be able to break/steal from unclaimed structures they might find. However, this has not yet been approved nor denied. If you steal or grief an unclaimed structure you will still be punished for it, no matter what you say to defend yourself. This also goes for claiming other people's houses as your own.

  • Perk Abuse

As you might know, different ranks have a variety of different perks/commands. As an example, every donator rank has access to the command /pokecolor which allows the user to change a pokémon's name colour without any cost or cooldown. However, some players sell the usage of this command, amongst many others such as /pokeevolve and /hatch. The usage of these commands is your responsibility if you have them. However, if you are found to be selling the usage of (this includes "donating" / giving away) any command you might either be banned or be completely stripped of your permissions for them, wether you donated towards the server for them or not. This does not just go for monetary payment, but any sort of compensation. You have been warned.

Any questions regarding this post can be had in the comment section below so everyone can see the replies.

Have a good day!

/ edited by Rockes for slight correction & spelling errors ;3

jimisgod So blissey training is out the window??
Enderbrad45 tagtagtag Can I get clarification about two things. Can I sell extra bottles of enchanting? Can I tear down the ugly pillars peopl...
SeanZraft tagtag welp there's go my Blissey training Busniness

The Delays

SnowBlitzz posted Sep 9, 16

Hello everyone!

I'm just here to apologize for the many delays as of late; some rewarding and support has been delayed due to several reason which I need not state. Just know that we will eventually get to it, so we wish for your patience as we handle the issues present. Thank you and have a nice day!

jasperpo360 I thought you could trade/sell held items so i asked to buy an exp share and then someone muted me is there a way to get...
Jasmont10 i have a problem to upgrade to a trainer because i cannot see the 'joint the website' on the top right
CzTrigzz @ MirageCraft
everyone will wait we know you wont forget us love you dudeeeee stay frostyyy &lt;3

August Top Voters!

pioavenger tagtag posted Sep 5, 16

For their continual support to the server through voting, monthly top 5 voters get rewarded with a random shiny pokemon, some rare candies, pokecoins, and even Mirage Points! Top 3 monthly voters will be rewarded with the rank PokeFan. If they already have the rank, 10 Mirage Points will be given instead. 

  • Antumbral - 162 Votes!

Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and PokeFan rank!

  • thatcb - 146 Votes!

Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and PokeFan rank!

  • tinggo - 145 Votes!

Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and 10 Mirage Points!

  • biggsk -  145 Votes!

Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, 6k Pokecoins, and PokeFan rank!

  • jslice - 136 Votes!

Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, and 6k Pokecoins!

  • alex22091 - 113 Votes!

Prize: 1 Random Shiny Pokemon, 20 Rare candies, and 6k Pokecoins!

Jackobowdy how do I vote and why cant I join the server its so anyoning
SeanZraft tagtag congratz everyone :o
ElissaAnhKonda tagtagtag Congrats everyone! Im happy to see so many new PokeFan ranks!

Rule Amendment

SnowBlitzz posted Aug 29, 16

Rule number 3 - No destruction of other players' property whether it's claimed or not. This includes grief and item theft. This rule has been on the server since the very beginning and the part "whether it's claimed or not." has been quite controversial. We would like to gather your thoughts on this post as to whether or not we should amend this rule to remove that specific part. 

Naturally, if you see a house unclaimed, and if it has items you need, you'll be tempted to steal or grief it. This led to a lot bans since most servers allow griefing on unclaimed lands and it is kinda common sense to think that the area is abandoned. Contrary to that, there are really some players who respect other people's property and would not touch it until they get permission to. Some would even claim the area to protect it until the player returns, though that sometimes led to misunderstandings. If rule 3 is to be amended, it would imply that if a player forgets to claim their property or don't have enough claim blocks, it should be their problem. Everyone should be responsible of their own properties. If you do not claim your land, it's like putting your most precious items on a public area like a shopping mall floor for people to pick up. 

In addition to that your claims have a 45 day expiration timer. If you become inactive for said amount of days, your claims will be automatically removed, being prone to grief. Why is this needed? Why not just keep the claim forever? There are some players who just play for a day or two then leave forever, yes there are a lot in fact. We would like to clean up claims so their land or space can be used and this is the best way to monitor that. This will also help clear out unneeded data files on the server. If you plan to take a break from the server, just make sure you come back within 45 days if you care about your belongings!

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