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zarzaania tagtag posted Sat at 21:22

Hello everybody!

As some of you may have noticed, the clans are temporarily disabled. That is because they seem to be causing some problems, and to try and avoid a clan reset we have disabled them for a while untill we can figure out what the problem is. Sorry for the inconvenience but it is better then the alterative. If we have a update about the issue we will mention it either here on the homepage or on the server changelog.

We wish you a nice day, 

The staffteam.

SikuTheGinge tag Haha, I just spent 5000 coins creating one, literally 2 days ago. LOL, I'm poor. :( Had I known... Haha. Aw well. N...
awesometdog13 tagtagtagtag Didn' t care about them to much.
GoldenCreeperInc tagtagtag It would also be great if snow could do a KDR reset lol

Speedy Saturday!

pioavenger tagtag posted Sat at 4:36

Hello everyone!

Do weekends just breeze through really fast? Have a lot to do but no time? Maybe a stubborn egg that wont hatch? Well, worry no more! Today you can buy our special Superspeed potions via the "Limited" store section! This will cut on time lost like a charm, wether its just on exploration, or maybe egg hatching! Act fast as they will NOT be here long!

Have a good day!

RaltsManiac tagtag ░░░░░░░░▀▀▀██████▄▄▄ ░░░░░░▄▄▄▄░░████████▄ ░░░░░▀▀▀█████▌░▐▄░▀▐█ ░░░▀▀█████▄▄░

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm here to announce the winners for the Mightyena's Might Video Contest. Winners will get a random shiny Legendary, 6 Master balls, 12 Rare candies, and 6k PokeCoins! 5 winners will be chosen for this contest. The top 3 winners will get PokeAuteur rank. If you already have the rank, you get 10 Mirage Points instead! 30-50 Mirage Points will be given on top of the other rewards if the video was done very well. You will receive your prizes on your next login.

1st Place - ObscureZero - Video
2nd Place - CEDPLAYMC - Video
3rd Place - ComicalMegalo - Video
4th Place - SeanZraft - Video
5th Place - Zarzaania - Video

Don't be discouraged if you did not win. There was no clear basis for the criteria, and this was an experimental event after all. Your videos are all unique one way or another. Hope this can inspire you to make more amazing videos, not just on the server but outside as well. 

SeanZraft tag Congratz everyone xD
Vipermon tag yeah tbh i was really lazy making and finsihing the video. Heck, I rushed it the last few days and it's pretty bad...
zarzaania tagtag congrats to the other 4 winners, you deserved it more then me ^^. way better video quality and story telling.


SnowBlitzz posted Aug 16, 16


Again, I'll try to keep this as short as possible. I'm very busy IRL with huge responsibilities to carry on my shoulder (more on this soon if I have time to make another post) so my time on the server has been quite limited as of late. To be honest, the server is still at a state where it's not enjoyable enough, at least for me. A lot of planned features have been delayed due to time constraints, and a lot of bugs are still lying around unfixed. There has also been a slight lack of events lately, and some event deadlines kept getting moved. There may have been some private messages I haven't opened yet or forum post I haven't answered yet but I will definitely find time to go through all of them. I'm trying my best, but obviously that is not enough. Time seems to be my enemy here. MirageCraft could have been better if only I have the time, so I apologize for everything in general. Once I have the time, I will surely make up for this. 

I'd just like to take this time to thank everyone who's been supporting the server, whether it is through helping with answering issues on the server and forums, helping with bug reports, or other means. This really means a lot to me and saves me lots of time. Here's a cute plushie! Have a nice day!

Best Regards,

XenoJey Take your time
SeanZraft tag I feel u snow
Beauseantje I really respect how determined you are, so i can wait. I have had several servers closed on multiple games because the ...

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to announce the winners of the Trapinch Breeding Competition! Winners will get a shiny version of the Pokemon, Master balls, Rare Candies, and PokeCoins! The top 3 winners will get PokeBreeder rank. If you already have the rank, you get 10 Mirage Points instead!

Prizes: PokeBreeder rank • 6 Golden Hour Glass • 12 Ranch Upgrades 32 Rare Candies • 6k PokeCoins
1st - ObscureZero
2nd - GoldenCreeperInc - [Claimed 10 Mirage Points]
3rd - tinggo

Prizes: 6 Golden Hour Glass • 12 Ranch Upgrades 32 Rare Candies • 6k PokeCoins
4th - m1zark
5th - Sinnless
6th - R1750
7th - awesometdog13 
8th - Yubiii
9th - roojercurryninja
10th - Enderbrad45

Your prizes will be given automatically upon your login.

pioavenger tagtag Yubiii and roojercurryninja are the only ones who havent gotten the shiny trapinches. Theyve been inactive recently.
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